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Company profile

Company NameDaiichi Home Joint-Stock Company
AddressDH Building, 2-7-17, Ohbe, Kawanishi-shi, Hyogo-ken, 666-0014,Japan
President of the companyHiromi Yonehana
Capital levy10000000yen
Company Birth dateJune 2010
License numberLicensed as a realty business under the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act of Japan: Hyogo-ken (1) No. 300367
Licensed as an ordinary construction contractor under the Construction Business Act of Japan: (HAN-25) No.302362

In the utmost respect for the well being and prosperity of the city and the community in which you live, Daiichi Home builds comfortable and harmonious homes, listening to your advices, concerned about your wishes and motivated by your satisfaction and by the quality of your lifestyle. Our Motto is to be at your service to participate in the development of your daily happiness where you live.
For the construction of your future and your well being, we put all our skills and knowledge to your disposal.
Daiichi Home is constantly looking for the latest technologies and the newest materials.
We make a point of honor to continually expand our knowledge to create the best environment for your life in harmony with the ecology and the environment in which you live.
Always keeping in mind as our strongest policy, that "customer comes first", we strive to make your dreams come true and to answer to your expectations for your home.
We are here, to answer your questions and to assist you as much as you need ,in the creation of your home.
Daiichi home’s objective is to be a lifestyle maker; an answer to your dreams while respecting the environment and the community in which you live.
We contribute to the creation of harmonious and happy residential communities by dedicating the skills and warmth of our team for your projects.

Daiichi home built homes following a unique and original concept: "a holistic, healing home"; a sacred space of life, considering the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of our customers.
We are trying to create eco-friendly homes, in harmony with body, mind and spirit.

Finally, your dreams are our priority to build your future and contribute to the well being of your lifestyle.

Company Concept

Daiichi home presents a unique and original concept based on the philosophy of holistic therapies. A conviction: The importance of considering human being as a whole in at least 4 essential dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. An objective: To create homes and living spaces in harmony with human beings as a whole and the natural environment in which they live. Concerned by the well being of our customers and in respect of the interaction between energy and matter, Daiichi home presents:

S . S . W

Sound . Shine . Wind


Delight of the energetic vibrations that stimulate the mind and body, feeling of well being created by the sound of nature, the calm serenity that soothes your days ....


Delight of the gentle warmth of the sun, feeling of well being created by the light on loved faces; Serenity of the glow of stars that lights up your nights ...


Delight of the caress of the wind on beloved faces, feeling of well being created by a summer breeze; serenity of a home where fresh air circulates, always pure ...

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